he’s home

Li estas hejme.
Kiu estas hejme.
Mi estas hejme.

3 responses to “he’s home

  1. OMG!!! A 27 oz. Kleen Kanteen! We're twinsies! And all that lovely hair!:faint: Um, but that other thing. Uhh, the Ancients referred to it as B-O-O-K, correct? I believe it's called, "book."

  2. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    OMG!!! A 27 oz. Kleen Kanteen! We're twinsies!

    He has the 27 oz, and I have a 40. Triplet-sies! When I travel I lug so many heavy metal canteens of water with me. I can't stand the skank smell and taste of hotel tap water, and I don't want to haul around the stuff to filter it like I do at home. I buy bottled water sometimes, but there are health and environmental issues with that. At least I can stand the taste of it.Brian loves his paperback novels. He always bristles when I call them fluff. I shouldn't judge just because he doesn't read the heavy depressing political, societal, historical books that I do. I should get back into novels. About the only ones I have patience for these days are si-fi ones from Cory Doctorow.Brian likes used paperbacks from the used book store. I read a lot of mine now on my cheap-o $29 ebook reader I got from Walmart. *gasp*

  3. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    He has the 27 oz, and I have a 40.

    OMG! Quadrupsies! I actually have two 27 oz, and a 40oz, and a couple of food-grade plastic bike water bottles! I dislike the plastic ones, though. On hot days the water comes out tasting like plastic. I'll post a picture of them all at some point.Tell Brain that when I was a kid the Internet was called books! (I love telling that to kids.) He can use that if he'd like. 🙂

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