locate – raise – rate

ra-te bitches

3 responses to “locate – raise – rate

  1. :up:

  2. I do not entirely understand. A Google search of "locate. raise. rate!" reveals that the glass is a Guinness pint glass. Beyond that, and some wild speculation on my part as to its contents' alcohol content, I'm flummoxed.

  3. You got it on the glass. It's a Guinness glass. The drink it contains is called a Blue Velvet, which is half Crispin hard cider and half Blue Moon beer. The beer floats on top of the cider, and my glass had a nice "tornado" of Blue Moon dipping down into the cider this time. It's our favorite "after-church" Sunday cocktail when we have time for it.Originally posted by 0x29a:

    I'm flummoxed

    OMG, I had to look that one up. It has been awhile. lol. A friend of mine said one day that he was "nonplussed." I said, "WTF, let me fire up a browser for a moment."Sometimes I haver.

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