the NSA spy story

Somebody has GOT to come out with a good t-shirt that I can buy and wear to sum up this situation. It's so depressing (though not a surprise) that all I can think of to do right now is inject humor into it.

By the way, the leaker is kind of cute. Very geeky.

4 responses to “the NSA spy story

  1. operainchicago

    We had impromptu bonfire last night, which included 3 friends, Pat and I and the pets. One of the women, who I met once before, talked about this NSA story at nauseum. Then started in about something called "OPP-IN" (I possibly have wrong an acronym). This woman was sober as a judge but effing nuts! Like, "something big is going to happen soon, and aliens from space are going to save us." Well as soon as the mosquitos came out, I went to bed. :alien: :bandit:

  2. Simple. Put that guy's face on a t-shirt. 🙂

  3. If I squint with my sleep-streaked eyes, I'd swear that kid was Brian, or even his younger self.All kidding aside, It's stunning to me that anyone is shocked the PRISM program exists and has been storing and mining data. Have these people all been asleep?Welcome the Surveillance State (The Good Guys)!

  4. As usual, Amy has had some good coverage on it.

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