monopoly vote

An image I found elsewhere that gets right to the point.

Monopoly was my favorite game as a child and teen. I was playing it before I could even pronounce the name correctly. I used to call it, "mo-NOCK-ley" back then. I found out early on from players who cheated, that he who became banker "won" the game a lot more often than the others.

Explanation of the image: the character's name is Rich Uncle Pennybags, AKA Mr. Monopoly from the famous game. Pennybags' image has been modified so that puppets for the two major US political parties are on his hands: Democratic Party on his left hand, Republican on his right.

That venerable Monopoly game has a lot of reality in it.

17 responses to “monopoly vote

  1. So awesome.

  2. i totally agree with the concept of this image.

  3. There are various schools of thought on dissatisfaction voting:–vote least worst–vote moral purity (ie. other party candidates that don't have a chance)–don't vote at allI was "least worst", then moved to "moral purity" for awhile, now back to "least worst".We have to work with the candidates we have, not the ones we wish we had. This doesn't make me, or it, right. It's just where I am right now.

  4. Nice concept. Well the system of election is a whole different here in India. We have multiple candidates, and what results is a hung house, infighting and a weak coalition with a lame duck government. No winners here or there it seems.

  5. you never get the one you want here either. and from what i have read, if the candidate is not related in some way to the queen of england, they don't get elected in this country.if you look at history, every president that we have ever had, was/is in some way related to her.yes, including obama.he is her 9th cousin twice, unless romney is in any way related to the queen, there is no way he will get elected, and we will have another 4 years of obama.

  6. I'd love for that Obama cousin thing to be true. Can you point to a source?

  7. Romnopoly :p

  8. OMG is right….lmao

  9. I think the POTUS relationship to Wall Street has more bearing these days.All this reminds me of the infomercials on late-night TV that say something like, "If you take the sum of the length of the sides of the pyramid at Giza, multiply it by the distance to the sun, divide it by 10 times the distance to the moon, subtract the distance from Giza to Liberty Island divided by the number of days in a year, multiplied by the completion date of the Statue of Liberty, you'll get the height of the World Trade Center building that was struck first. OMG!"

  10. Obama wins presidential race for his second term congratulations :hat:were sorry bout Romney and to all republican suporters :p

  11. Originally posted by johnyrivers:

    Obama wins presidential race for his second term congratulations

    I'm hoping that during the second term, free of the need to think about reelection, more positive things will get done. It may yet still be a war-driven corporate agenda.Romney: That entire situation was shocking.

  12. excerpt from Obama’s speech "With your stories and your struggles,I return to the White House more determinedand more inspired than ever about the workthere is to do and the future that lies ahead."sure he will his second term.

  13. I like this one:

  14. lol 😀 yes thats true.

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