windows 8

It's going to come and go, and I'll really not ever know a lot about it. 😀

I see the TV commercials for it. :p

3 responses to “windows 8

  1. We have it on one PC here in the lab. *No one* wants to use that PC (in-spite of it having 8 gigs of RAM).Slightly off-topic: Cinnamon + Fedora = awesome!

  2. Lol on the no-one-wants-to-use-it PC.I've got to have a look at Cinnamon sometime.

  3. Windows 8 isn't bad but I feel it's just too touch-centric. There is definitely a learning curve and I've been around computers my whole life. I do like the built in apps BUT they're not as easy to access like in previous versions. Very awkward to use a mouse too. For those reasons I still prefer my six year old Mac.

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