binders full of women

I don't have any of those. 😆

7 responses to “binders full of women

  1. Me neither. I call mine directories. Is 130 GB too much "directories" full of women?

  2. jessicababyimproved

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  3. Me? I have so many binders from being a teacher. Most I tossed out, some I donated to good will store. I did have a binder full of women back in the 70's :p

  4. Mitt does. The pages stick. 😀

  5. My favorite regular video store in town (until it closed last year) had a porn rental binder that could be asked for from the counter staff. I looked at it a couple of times and always asked myself, "*THIS* is porn? Ha!" So much for that binder.

  6. Still chuggin along…..heart hasn't failed me yet! Left side still very weak at times. Went out and cleaned the garage today! it is good to be able to get up, see the sun shine, and know that God has blessed you with another day to be able to breath on this mother earth.:D

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