myopera under spam assault

Myopera has quite a spam load to deal with these days. If you go up to the top of any myopera page, you can select "Community" then "Members" to see the last 36 members who logged on. That page looks like the image below frequently now.

I guess you see the pattern. Every one of those is a new profile being prepped for spamming. Ugh. :yuck:

8 responses to “myopera under spam assault

  1. How do you know that these are accounts used for this ?! :up: That same for me and thank for the tube :yes:

  2. Yea, I think I may have added spammers in the past without caring.I should remove them.And I *have* noticed more spammers as of late.Looks like they got to tighten security.At least it's better than before.Remember when they didn't use https for logins? Didn't that make it easier for spammers to create accounts?Maybe? Maybe not.*total ditz here*

  3. Morality, is not visit this pages séries :yes:

  4. :sherlock: got to check this out

  5. Spammers must work on US local time :)I only get 2 in the morning GMT+5:30 🙂

  6. Creepy! And most from Norway? :sherlock:

  7. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    And most from Norway?

    Maybe it's a default.

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