favorite android live wallpaper – hypnotwister

Yummy. Soothing. Best one I ever downloaded. It sometimes makes me crave a cocktail.

The pics don't do it justice. It spirals slowly and changes color. It's infinitely configurable.

Free, no weird license, no snoopy permissions, not hard on the battery.

HypnoTwister Live Wallpaper at Google Play.

2 responses to “favorite android live wallpaper – hypnotwister

  1. I'll try it. :up:

  2. Originally posted by KYren:

    I'll try it.

    It'll mess with your head, but for me, that's a plus.I actually first spotted this wallpaper at F-Droid ( http://f-droid.org/ ), but I always try to stick to downloading only from Google repositories, so I actually got it from G Play.F-droid is a catalog of FOSS applications. Free/Open Source.

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