google voice and doctor nasty

For over a year I have used Google Voice to manage my mobile and landline telephone voicemail. It's configurable just like e-mail. Certain callers get particular priority, routing, and special announce messages. Some calls get sent directly to voicemail (all unidentified ones, or ones that are on "the list"). Calls can be recorded. I get texts and e-mails of activity and transcriptions of messages left. It's quite the thing.

The text transcriptions of voice mails are sometimes goofy. Often they are 100% correct. Other times they make no sense at all.

One of my doctors has a name that gets transcribed as "Doctor Nasty" every single time. His name is not Doctor Nasty. It only sounds a little like that due to his foreign accent. It makes the texts and e-mails funny.

Google so reliably writes out his name as "Nasty" that I just changed it to that in my contacts, so now I get popups on my mobile that say, "Voicemail from Doctor Nasty." It's like something from a porno movie. One day I'll slip up and call him Doctor Nasty in person. He has, indeed, seen me naked. 😆

Below is a partial text transcription from Doctor "Nasty." He's not a love doctor, just a regular doctor. 😀

4 responses to “google voice and doctor nasty

  1. :eyes: 😆

  2. that is way funny :p :chef:

  3. Originally posted by SharkfinUK:

    Except that it would put yet more of my life in Google's hands.

    My feelings, too. I should just go ahead and send in a DNA sample.

  4. "It's quite the thing."Didn't know you were a relic of Victorian Britain! :)Anyway, nice post. Never heard of that service before and I like what I hear. Except that it would put yet more of my life in Google's hands. :nervous:

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