smartphone replacement dilemma

I cannot make a decision on a replacement for my current smartphone. Right now I have a Samsung Nexus S running Android ICS (Ice Cream Sandwich). Since I've had it for a year, the carrier will allow an upgrade at low cost, however, this is the last time I get an upgrade at 12 months. The long-term-customer yearly upgrade is being eliminated and will become the standard 22-month upgrade that is the same for everybody.

So, what to do?

I could replace the Nexus S with a Samsung Galaxy S III, which is a slick looking thing and is getting good reviews, or I could wait and get a smartphone running the new Firefox OS. They are due to arrive early to middle of next year.

Decision #1: get the Galaxy S III.


  • I would utilize the upgrade that is due.
  • It would be new and spiffy.
  • I'm already familiar with Android.


  • The Nexus S that I have works fine.
  • The upgrade would result in something I already have, just newer hardware.

Decision #2: wait on the Firefox OS models due out next year.


  • I like trying new things.
  • I generally adore Mozilla/Firefox products.
  • It would be adventurous. Few people would have it.


  • Firefox OS will probably be messy at first.
  • Android is stable and reliable.
  • Maybe Firefox OS doesn't release on time, or it's a disaster, and I'm waiting ages with the old Nexus S.
  • Waiting sort of wastes the last-chance early upgrade perk.

Hmmmm! Just don't know.

9 responses to “smartphone replacement dilemma

  1. For me, no brainer: Galaxy.

  2. I don't know what I'd do. Actually, go for the Galaxy and on the next upgrade get the Firefox when the inevitable problems have been sorted out.

  3. What he said.

  4. Enjoying the comments. Thanks! :up:

  5. Galaxy S 3 with jelly bean baby! only issue with this OS, is no adobe flash support.

  6. Dude, dude, dude. What is going on here? Chocolate ice cream or strawberry cheesecake? That's a tough decision. A Ferrari or a Lambo? That's also a tough decision. A Galaxy S3 now or maybe something in a year or more, if it happens, and buggy as hell…? Go and get yourself a shiny new S3!

  7. 1. its simple — S32. Even if they do iron out all the issues by time they release it will take quiet some time to get an application base for it.3. we don't what hardware it will be shipping

  8. What to do? lol. 😆 I should just put new tires on the truck and meditate on that for awhile.I can, indeed, imagine myself fondling that Samsung S III.

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