phyllis diller

The great Phyllis Diller died today. When I was little, I loved it when she was on television. I always knew something really fun was about to happen. What a pleasure she was. I always thought her name sounded classy.

5 responses to “phyllis diller

  1. she was a classic! 😀

  2. I remember seeing her on Laugh In. I can't recall the last place I saw her after that unless it was Dean Martin's variety show, perhaps.

  3. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    I remember seeing her on Laugh In.

    You remember when President Nixon was on there? Weird!

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  5. Darn it. I didn't recognise her name but as soon as I followed your link…yes, she was great fun. A shame to see an entertainer like her go. 😦

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