quickie spanish lesson completely in spanish

I've labored with each of these points at one time or another. Nice to see 'em all together.

7 responses to “quickie spanish lesson completely in spanish

  1. I hope Ruben sees this. He's pretty fluent in Espanol. :up:

  2. Originally posted by 0x29a:

    I hope Ruben sees this.

    We all love Ruben. :heart:

  3. :doh: Just a couple of minutes ago, I just finished telling one of my friends from Venezuela — "¡Aiy Aiy Aiy!" :insane: MAN! So close, yet so far away.

  4. I'll send her the link to this Post.I think she'll like it.

  5. Oh my! :doh:But wait.. Hold on a wee! I have been here before. Yes, in the Photo Album.. Ah well. I'd have to behave.Okay.. Pardon. :oI shall delete my first comment. It's easy.. easy when you know how.. 😀

  6. Heeey! What a surprise.. My mother tongue for here!! :eyes: :oLuv it :heart: ('Luv it' doesn't exist of course –what you are seeing it's just a figment of your imagination!) :lol:Sorry.. What a rudeness. Charlie, where it's supposed we are right now? :eyes:The kingdom of.. :left: :right: 😀 ¡Hola!PS:Lo siento, estoy en mi fase maniática!

  7. Cálmate, Teresa. Estás por todo el piso del Blog de Slackware.

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