diaspora disillusions

I've tried twice to make a good go of it on the Diaspora social network. I love the goals and methods of the network. The trouble is that both pods I selected to join went bust in short order. I get on there, build up my social network, write lots of stuff, then the pod goes down and stays down for days or weeks, or the pod just resets my stuff and makes it all go away.

This is a major weakness in a distributed network. You're at the mercy of someone who may not give a damn about running a pod after a few months. Both times I picked pods that seemed to have longevity and the highest ratings, and both times they promptly went unstable. There's no one to contact to see what's happening, no user updates, nothing. Wiping the user's shit at will or having about three days of uptime every two weeks is the name of the game. If fact, my current pod is still showing the highest ratings even after a week of downtime and a user reset.

Bah! Great goals that I love but too much trouble at this time. In contrast, my old ICQ number has run without interruption for sixteen years now.

I'm just pissed that I log in and find my stuff gone again. Damn, damn, damn.

2 responses to “diaspora disillusions

  1. Hence why I ignore that network.

  2. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    Hence why I ignore that network.

    I think I will too.

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