net outage

It was a cold and rainy Sunday morning. Perfect weather for a net addict. I was going about the house doing laundry when I heard a boom outside and saw a flash of light through the windows. It sounded electrical. The streaming net radio stopped. "Dang!", I thought, that sounded like it was serious. Sure enough, the cable was out.

I jacked the computer into the cellular mobile for net access. Can't go without connectivity, not even for a moment. I called the cable company and the computer said, "an outage has been detected. Expected repair time should be about ninety minutes." Pretty spiffy detection being that it was barely two minutes after the explosion.

The trucks showed up half an hour later. The net came back up not long after that. Outages don't always get resolved this quickly, but this one was fast!

Net addict peers through windows at cable workers:

6 responses to “net outage

  1. if you need help please call 1-800-net addict :whistle:

  2. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    if you need help please call 1-800-net addict

    Fortunately I never really got into gambling. I see warnings about that everywhere.

  3. Yea dude. My Aunt Marlene still gambles. She drives 70-100 miles just to get a freakin' lottery ticket.

  4. Well, I'm impressed with how quick the outage was dealt with :up:

  5. Originally posted by JoshuaPhelps:

    Yea dude. My Aunt Marlene still gambles.

    It fascinates me to watch the seniors play the slots in Nevada casinos. Chain smoking, cocktail glasses everywhere, and buckets of coin all around them. That was a few years ago when you could put coin in a slot. Now you get a magnetic card. You can still chain smoke indoors in a Nevada casino, drink yourself silly, and piss away your retirement with the one-armed bandit. It's almost spooky to watch.

  6. The world is coming down! What do we have left to do?! 😆

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