quickie dinner after work

Image #1: giant mug of horchata. I always ask for the largest one available.

Image #2: "waitresses needed." Middle aged men can't apply? lol. You can see my haggard face in the reflection.

7 responses to “quickie dinner after work

  1. It's a cocktail, Dave ?

  2. Horchata = drink of the gods! :yes:

  3. Originally posted by AleksOD:

    It's a cocktail, Dave ?

    No, not usually. It would be good with a shot of something in it, but it's not commonly served that way. In this area it is usually rice water with cinnamon in it.

  4. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Originally posted by AleksOD:It's a cocktail, Dave ?

    Erm… no, I did not post that… 😛

  5. Originally posted by AleksOD:

    Erm… no, I did not post that.

    Oops. You're right. It was El Capitaine.I think something goofy happened on my mobile. Selecting text on it is tricky.

  6. operainchicago

    Bailey's on the rocks :yes:

  7. I really fancy a glass of this now!

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