shop the mall

Sometimes we go out to the shopping mall just to see it it's still there. After nearly 38 years, somehow it's still open for business.

Below follow lots of useless images.

Image #1: The model on the Izod sign was posing very attractively. He reminded me slightly of Obama. I'd love to see the President strike such a pose.

Image #2: Gaudy prom dresses.

Image #3: Brian enters the venerable Dillard's.

Image #4: Justin loves his sugar daddy.

Image #5: The Easter Bunny lies in wait for the children. Touch my carrot! 😉

Image #6: I'd love to have such a taut body as these mannequins have.

Image #7: Up next, JCPenney. Ellen DeGeneres sent us.

Image #8: Puttin' on the Ritz at Penney's with ties.

Image #9: Brian looks at shirts at JCP.

Image #10: The escalator has run for over 37 years.

Image #11: So hard to choose. I bought the Miller one. :beer:

Image #12: Taking a break with refreshments.

Image #13: Brian looks at tasteful Americana. Some good prior examples are here and here.

Image #14: Alone in a fitting room, I can compare the English and Spanish.

Image #15: Trying on some Nautica shirts.

Image #16: Some come by bus, most come by car.

Image #17: The booty is tossed into the trunk for the trip home.

3 responses to “shop the mall

  1. operainchicago

    you sure have a thing for American flags these days :cheers:

  2. Brian's trying to stifle a chuckle. I definetely see it. 😆

  3. That first picture reminded me of Obama as well. Is he moonlighting?

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