dog flop

We all act about the same over here.

One comes in and passes out on the sofa for awhile, then goes back to the bedroom. Another slides in and takes the next shift.

9 responses to “dog flop

  1. That's how my dog is.

  2. The fist pose is funny !! I love it !!:yes:

  3. Hello Slackwrdave, how are you doing ?!

  4. operainchicago

    Dave: when did you get this dog?:sherlock:

  5. The dog in the bottom pic, Sasha, was adopted last November. I just stopped by the shelter for a curiosity look-see one afternoon. Risky thing to do.I tried on about five dogs and was about to leave, then I took one last reconnaissance run around. There she was in cage #1 right by the entrance. I almost missed her.Lucy, after some initial skepticism, adjusted well and now seems to enjoy everything. Lucy was adopted in 2004.

  6. Hello Capitaine!

  7. operainchicago

    Is Lucy the top photo? She looks big! And Sasha is beautiful. Reminds me of my blu boy

  8. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Is Lucy the top photo? She looks big!

    Yep, Lucy is in the top one. I think she weighs in at about 21 pounds. She looks bigger than she really is. She's of the age now where the body is losing it's shape. Yet another thing I have in common with her.Sasha (bottom) is estimated to be over four years old, but there's no way to be sure. The shelter records show her cycling through there twice over the past two years. We have to piece together what there is of her records.

  9. It's quite clear to see who runs that house…and it ain't Dave or Brian!

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