oh, the places you’ll go at burning man

One of the best Burning Man videos ever. An age restriction on the video may complicate viewing. This is due to *very* incidental nudity.

Burning Man 2011 with the focus on the people.

7 responses to “oh, the places you’ll go at burning man

  1. Hey Dave……… Where is Burning Man held? Did yall have fun? The video looks like its a great big fun party :drunk: :hat: :headbang: :jester:

  2. It's held in Nevada a couple of hours away from Sparks/Reno.We had a great time. It changes me every time. I wish we could go every year, but from NC, it does a nut crunch on the finances.We're penciling in 2013 for our next one. Just penciling for now.

  3. Who all is invited? You are only the second person that I've heard talk about it…

  4. Originally posted by JTazzie:

    Who all is invited?

    Anybody who buys a ticket.

  5. Whats the price of a ticket?

  6. Oh hell …… Sounds like a hellva party that I would love to go to but alas that is beyond me in price and a way to get there…… shitty shit shit shit 😥

  7. Originally posted by JTazzie:

    Whats the price of a ticket?

    I think in the 300's. It's a significant weeklong event. The ticket price is actually a fraction of what you'll spend to get there and buy the things you need before you go out to the event.All the stores in Reno get totally raided by the 50,000+ attendees. We love to stay at a casino the 2 days prior to prep ourselves. Casino room rates are actually lower then a boring Days Inn, for example.Burning Man site:http://www.burningman.com/

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