flutes on fourth – christmas music

A local flute ensemble, "Flutes on Fourth", performing at the Central Forsyth County Library on December 14th, 2011.

You can see a somewhat unusual contrabass flute on the back row, left side, being played by Brian.

9 responses to “flutes on fourth – christmas music

  1. Good orchestra !:sing: Is a music of américan movie no ?

  2. The piece is Sleigh Ride. I assume it has been in many movies.

  3. Is a Western air and this music is using by 2500 differents radios and this air is using for movies

  4. Da heck is that thing?! I have never seen such a flute!

  5. He got it from the maker somewhere in Europe. I don't remember where now. It's made of PVC pipe.

  6. Love that arrangement! That's the first piece of Christmas music I've willingly sat through this year. :yes:

  7. That does sound lovely.On the subject of contrabass flute – do you get stopped in the airports because of that thing?

  8. Originally posted by AleksOD:

    do you get stopped in the airports because of that thing?

    He's never flown with it. Strange thing though, when it came in from the Netherlands, it got hung up in customs in New York for two months. The shipper, TNT, blamed US customs, but we suspect that TNT may have just lost it for awhile.

  9. It does look like a rocket launcher, you know… 😛

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