new wifi dvd player

I always buy one Christmas gift for myself each year. 😀

I like to run things into the ground, so the last DVD player I bought was from 2002. It still works, but I wanted something with some HD (high-def) to it, so I ordered a new one.

I just got the new Panasonic Blu-Ray machine in the mail. I knew the product description said something about wifi on it, but I guess I'm a little behind on these things. I had no idea what a DVD player was doing with wifi.

Anyway, I hook it up, put in my network SSID and password, and by golly, tho mofo is online. It does Skype, YouTube, several social networking sites, has a USB port, lots of things.

Who'd a thunk it? I thought a DVD player was still just a DVD player.

The manufacturer included a coupon in the box for a free copy of Avatar on Blu-Ray. Yep! I want it. :up:

By the way, a 3-foot HDMI cable at Wal-Mart costs about $20. The same thing in generic at the local computer store is $3.99. Always check the geek computer stores (NOT Best Buy) for cabling of any type.

6 responses to “new wifi dvd player

  1. Today, the last models of DVD player or TV is very modern ! But i prefer using my computer for see yt !:)

  2. Originally posted by frogier:

    But i prefer using my computer for see yt !

    Me too, especially for special content. My computer has an HDMI output which I can connect to the TV with impressive results.

  3. I'm not posseded a also modern material but i sale a tv aged to 2 or 3 year with small screen and the picture is very pleasant

  4. These technologies are attractive and interesting : they will be more and more important in the years to come but the man will have to pay attention not to be replaced by machines

  5. It is amazing what possibilities the interweb has given to the home entertainment devices. My cd player is quite old as well. Can't imagine the possibilities when I get a new one.

  6. It sounds intriguing I will have to check it out.

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