faux hooch

You're walking along on a perfectly sunny day in the downtown. Suddenly you get a *strong* whiff of marijuana. I mean it's like somebody has a bong roaring away nearby.

A couple of conflicting thoughts start to run through my head:

  • The nerve of somebody firing up a d00b in the middle of the downtown not even a block from the police station.
  • Pleasant music starts to run through my head and I even consider bustin' a move or two.

Then I notice that the source of all this is just a regular nearby smoker sucking down a Camel Light.

Why is it that sometimes regular tobacco cigarettes smell exactly like weed? Is it because they sometimes really do, or is it because my mind is playing tricks on me?

5 responses to “faux hooch

  1. I've noticed this, too.Someone will light up a cigarette, and I suspect them of smoking a blunt.Part of me tells me to join in, then I realise it was a bloody cigarette all along.So, happy Josh turns into: 😦

  2. This dovetails with the convenience marts that have too much doper crap around the register: things like little pipes, cheap cigars, rolling papers, lotto tickets, energy pills, trinkets, and things that glitter.I just want a quick coffee and the register is snarled with people picking out the little glittery things.Since the beginning of time, I think humans have been easily seduced by shiny objects and intoxicants. Of course *I* have never fallen for such things. 😆

  3. Now that I no longer smoke….anything….my nose is quite sensitive to different smells. As I pass by someone in the grocery store who smells of nicotine, I wonder….did I really smell that strong? I sorta miss my elderly neighbor in Phoenix though. She'd smoke weed every day. Maybe I should burn some of my favorite incense. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Since the beginning of time, I think humans have been easily seduced by shiny objects

    This cracked me up because it reminds me of me. I've discovered Hobby Lobby here in Fargo and it must be the biggest hobby store in the U.S. I found pretty, sparkley, dangly beads to glue on the shades of the lamps I bought at the thrift store. I have to keep them in my room though.

  4. Sometimes I'm walking in a park and suddenly I smell weed. No smoke, nothing. Just the bushes, but I smell weed. The pure vegetarian weed I guess 😀 In our country you can easily smoke weed anywhere in the streets, as long as you don't sell it in public. Me, I don't smoke it nor sell it but I like the smell of it. :yes:

  5. Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    I've discovered Hobby Lobby here in Fargo and it must be the biggest hobby store in the U.S.

    I guess if it's the only store of its type in the area, I'd still shop there, too, but I swore them off here two years ago Christmas because there are alternatives. It's a proselytizing business through its ads, decals around the register, and employees. That's OK, but I always reserve the right to shop elsewhere if I feel uncomfortable. I've had the cashiers get miffed at me for not returning their "God bless yous" and "have a blessed days". Once I refuse to respond to that, they shrink away from me, and I assume, start to see satan. It's probably not that hard to tell that I'm homo….sapien as well. I've had this experience at more than one of their stores and on more than one visit, so I assume it's encouraged from management. I gave 'em up. I couldn't take their front-of-the-store current events and viewpoints chat either.Now if I want hobby and crafts things, I just go to Michael's or Jo-Ann where I don't go through any mental quandary.Same thing with Chick-Fil-A. I don't mind them being closed on Sundays. In fact I even like it. I also don't mind reading about the founder's views via posters on the walls. Then they starting having gospel roaring away in the lobby and saying lots of "God bless yous" and "blessed days" at the counters and drive-thrus. Again, this is at multiple stores. I got uncomfortable, so I stopping going there, too. Too bad they have such a damned good product.Private business can do what it wants, and as a customer, I can do the same until they can force me to business there, and we have many businesses that, in fact, want to do that.I'm not trying to tear into anybody, or into Hobby Lobby in particular, it was just a golden opportunity for a rant that has been building for awhile.

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