burning man time-lapse video

We've been out to Burning Man three times now since 2004. It really is one of the major highlights of our lives. Driving from our home in North Carolina to the site in the deserts of Nevada is quite an epic journey with a travel trailer in tow, but we always find it to be very worth it.

We hope one day some of our friends on myopera can go with us. We have a friend in Iran who yearns to see the USA, and this would be such a good way to see a nice chunk of it, plus do something weird at the same time.

Anyway, Brian found this video posted on Facebook. It's a great time lapse of the temporary city that is built, then disassembled, for the monumental experience called Burning Man. This year attendance was 50,000 participants. :yes:

If you have 5+ minutes, you can watch the city come and go. We were roaming around out there somewhere.

Here is the direct link at youtube to see the video in full-screen HD if you choose.

2 responses to “burning man time-lapse video

  1. Man1:"Did you see the cleverbot-cleverbot chat?"Man2:"Yea, its hilarious but its just clumsily sampling a huge data base of lines people have typed. Chatterbots still have a long way to go."Man1:"So…..Computers have mastered playing chess and driving cars across the desert, but cant hold five minutes of normal conversation?"Man2:"Pretty much."Man1:"Is it just me or have we created a Burning Man attendee?"

  2. I'd love to go to Burning Man with you. Looks a great time :up:

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