shopping cart distraction

I went to a popular office supply store today to get a cart full of things for work. The image below was attached to the inside and out of the front of the cart.

It made me a dangerous cart driver. I nearly crashed into things in the store several times. 😀

To answer the ad on the cart: HELL YES I'd like to get personalized help from THAT certified technician, but nothing is really wrong with my PC. :devil:

I wonder if he knows Linux. Would he like to? Is he an easy tech?

3 responses to “shopping cart distraction

  1. And it's not like prurience is a bad thing at all… Right?

  2. Originally posted by 0x29a:


    Always such a strange word to me in sound, spelling, and meaning.When I worked at a college radio station, I remember a poster on the wall that contained these phrases:"contemporary community standards""in the prurient interest"I always thought that prurient interest sounded interesting.

  3. I'm starting to feel a bit prurient myself :devil:

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