pre burning man oasis – sands casino – reno nevada

Every time we drive cross-country (North Carolina to Nevada) to attend the Burning Man festival, we always arrive in Reno, Nevada a few days before and stay at the Sands Casino to refresh and prepare. After 2700 miles (4345 km) of driving we need to rest, eat, relax, buy supplies, and do laundry. We love the Sands.

The Sands is an older (1970's) casino, a bit worn in places, but always packed with people. Comparatively speaking, it's cheap, too. We meet the type people there that we can get along with. We know Burners (people who go to Burning Man) who paid a lot more for a lot less in Reno.

Our room rate this year was the same as it was when we were there two years ago:

  • 8-26-11 (Friday): $49
  • 8-27-11 (Saturday): $55
  • 8-28-11 (Sunday): $29

Average for the three days: $44.33. A Motel 6 isn't much less and isn't nearly as fun. Cheap + kooky people = us. 😆

There was also a casino-wide drink special in effect while we were there. All domestic beer was $1 and well drinks were $1.50. :drunk:

Some other reasons we like it there:

  • It's about the closest possible "happening" place to the Burning Man festival. From Reno, it's about two hours to where we needed to be.
  • Reno is full of bars, places to eat, and places to buy supplies.
  • The Sands has large RV parking. We can get our travel trailer in there no problem.
  • The Sands was the scene for our psycho slot machine situation. Hours of gambling and I only lost $10. :up:

Heck, I'd like to be there right now just hiding away from life in general.

Image #1: I thought this casino-wide ad for bingo was so cute that I took it from the room. It made me so want to play bingo, but I never managed to be there when it was starting. Like the ad says, I wanted to B-1 (be one).

Image #2: the view from our 14th floor room. For the money, it was quite nice.

10 responses to “pre burning man oasis – sands casino – reno nevada

  1. That view's actually quite relaxing :coffee:

  2. Just to the left in the photo starts the other tower of the Sands. Some binoculars would really help as the view is great into many of the rooms and many people just aren't worried about closing the curtains. :up: We had better things to do than watch that, but it was fun off and on.

  3. Jealous :whistle:

  4. Wow, the rates were really excellent Dave. Did they have free breakfast?

  5. Originally posted by pjmurf2009:

    Have you any recommendations for Phoenix?

    It's been too long since I lived there but Pam (PainterWoman) had a longer and more recent tenure there.BTW, hi Peter! It's nice you are back. :heart:

  6. Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    Did they have free breakfast?

    Nope, but they had yet another special for a decent breakfast sandwich and a very good large coffee for 3 bucks. The wonders never ceased, lol.OR, even at the crack of dawn, the beer and well drink specials were in effect. I didn't do that though many probably think I would. 😀 Free breakfasts in large hotels are usually scary anyway. They bring out creatures that you never see anywhere else.I had a friend visit me from Germany one time and he incessantly commented on how big Americans were. I said, "you ain't seen nuttin' yet. Let me take you to the all-you-can-eat buffet." He "ooohhed", "ahhhd", and "wowed" through the entire meal.

  7. Petty neat guys! Have you any recommendations for Phoenix? I'm thinking of taking a trip there this winter to get out of the Minnesota freezer for a few days! 😎

  8. Glad to be back!:eyes:

  9. yay, the info is very much appreciated since this will be my first burn! thanks again.

  10. Originally posted by socalhulagirl:

    this will be my first burn!

    Best wishes for a wonderful experience. :up:

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