sweet billy

Sweet little Billy Bookcase. He never really had any friends, so we took him in. He's a nice boy.

8 responses to “sweet billy

  1. I want to be his friend 🙂

  2. I need one, my books are all over the place 😀

  3. Originally posted by JanndeSmit:

    I need one, my books are all over the place 😀


  4. silly billy, of course he's got friends

  5. Ikea. My Mecca.

  6. Originally posted by CultureSurfer:

    Ikea. My Mecca.

    Lol. Sometimes I stop there just to eat. The restaurant is quite good. The Ikea in Charlotte is right beside the interstate. Couldn't be more convenient.Before Charlotte opened, we had to drive to either Atlanta or near Washington DC to satisfy this addiction.

  7. Well, Cleveland got left out somehow: here it is order online, or go to Pittsburgh, or Columbus….Which is probably a good thing, or you would have to drag me out of IKEA every Saturday morning.

  8. Yup, we have to make the pilgrimage from St. Louis to Chicago if we want to hit Ikea. There's actually a campaign of people begging for an Ikea in St. Louis, but so far no luck. 😥

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