whole lotta doctors

Real doctors, MD's! Not those phony ones.

5 responses to “whole lotta doctors

  1. You collecting? 😀

  2. Most all of them are really charming. I take my mom here and they work with her well.The one third from the right (bottom row) was down at my mom's feet helping her get her shoes on after the exam. She and I both said, "no, we got it, it's OK." He said he'd still get it, and that he had sold shoes in high school and was used to helping people get their shoes on. I told him that he could fall back on the shoe sales again if this medical gig didn't work out. 😆 My whole family loves them all.

  3. Yes… all of them look charming and smart. Nice to see this blog active again.

  4. Any of them any good with dietary issues?

  5. Originally posted by harrytheman:

    Any of them any good with dietary issues?

    Probably, or they can refer you to someone who is. I saw a nutritionist for awhile. It was good but stuff I could find out myself anyway. I think it all depends on what the issue or goal is. I have several diabetic friends who do well with a nutritionist.

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