india calling

I recently placed an order from an online company that appeared to be in the USA. What a surprise that my package is shipping from India. I hate India! Just kidding. I only say that because so many of my dear friends are from India and I want to give them a little shock. 😀 India is cool. :heart:

I was under the impression that my order was shipping from California. Just because I want an embroidered kurta, shawl, and pants, does it really have to travel so far? At least international shipping is mysterious and fun.

Maybe one day I'll order a laptop from China via eBay! :devil:

4 responses to “india calling

  1. decodedthought

    you are purchasing an item which is made in India 😛

  2. Originally posted by decodedthought:

    you are purchasing an item which is made in India

    You know how they are over there. :yikes: 😆

  3. The package arrived this morning. How fast. I always assumed DHL sucked a little, but this was good.The embroidery on the kurta is quite fine, so I guess it's "hand wash only".

  4. This story explains why I never order a takeaway via the internet 😀

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