chinese take out

While waiting, I got to laugh with Buddha.


8 responses to “chinese take out

  1. He's Maitreya Bodhisattva

  2. operainchicago

    what did you order sir?:cheers:

  3. Chicken wangs + hot and sour soup.

  4. Hay! FAROUT MAN, I KNOW THAT DUDE. He lives raight down the street man, alwaws smileing man, got the best tye stick! To sticks with every meal. he got like these seckret mesages he stashes in his cooky jar, ya man caus one like got stuck in my cookey but its in code or something. it said luckey numbers and gave an adress but I culdnt find it dude? Ya thats the dude!

  5. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    Chicken wangs

    Were they spicy?

  6. Hmmm! :chef:

  7. Don't have the skills to write, I am a fan, do what you do and thankyou

  8. Hey! 🙂

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