weird pub food

There's an honest-to-goodness pub in the downtown of my city. The menu and beer/lager/ale selection are stellar, plus it's just a fun place to be.

This afternoon, one diner in my party ordered what is seen in the picture below, a meatloaf sub with Tater Tots. It seemed bizarre to me and made me laugh. That's drinkin' (or whatever) food! :cheers:

15 responses to “weird pub food

  1. Sure looks tasty.

  2. operainchicago


  3. Wow, I like M'Couls pub and those Tater Tots.It looks very much the same as I'm used to go over here :cheers:

  4. Does look like a tasty snack.

  5. andrewdancewithme

    i know and respect only 'Italian' food ! This food – looks like a PVC 😀 be aware! Do not eat this!

  6. Originally posted by andrewdancewithme:

    This food – looks like a PVC

    It does look rather industrial, especially the Tater Tots. The cell camera made it look worse than it really was. It wasn't my meal. I had the healthy 1/2 pound (.23 kilo) "Old Glory Burger". It had onions, tomato, lettuce, and bleu cheese crumbles on it. It was good with an Irish ale. 😀

  7. Industrial? :eyes: PVC? :insane:Nah. I don't see it as either industrial, PVC or weird.It looks very much Scarf Downable. Unless the camera is hiding something.Or you Photoshopped the Cilantro out.Cuz if it had Cilantro in it, then yeah, I'd much rather have me a PVCLT … PVC, Lettuce & Tomato Sub.

  8. Originally posted by Suntana:


    Sometimes when driving long distance late at night, I'll stop for a BLT.So many acronyms. 😎

  9. I don't know if Denny's still has it, but recently they had a limited time Triple Bacon BLT. I think they were calling it the BBBLT. They also had the Bacon Sundae. :eyes:

  10. Triple bacon = triple bypass 😆 I go for the single serving of bacon, though I'm certainly no healthy eater.

  11. Hmmm??? :sherlock: How come no one has tried Triple Bacon on Fettucine Alfredo on top of a Chicken Fried Steak? With Buttered Toast and Cheese Fries, of course.Maybe the Olive Garden Powers That Be will read this and fix it up. :up:

  12. andrewdancewithme

    what know's about health food all of you??? Maybe fresh vegetables!? Ha?What you think about?Meat and bread it's cool? Eat this and you can be like a SUMO fighter…

  13. Originally posted by andrewdancewithme:

    what know's about health food all of you???

    Beer. :up: :beer:

  14. andrewdancewithme

    beer? Yeah…someday…but teqila*lime to be better, i think… 😉

  15. Originally posted by andrewdancewithme:

    beer? Yeah…someday…but teqila*lime to be better, i think.

    I have 3 bottles of tequila here. One is yours!

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