lake chatuge

This is the view from my hotel room in western North Carolina. Not bad! The deer on the hotel lawn are decoys placed there by the hotel owners for decoration.

It's Lake Chatuge. Good luck pronouncing it.

23 responses to “lake chatuge

  1. Pronounced: laek-shatuu?XD

  2. poorpoorpeter

    Wow, beautiful. Is it part of a chain?

  3. Originally posted by XxTatteredXSoulXx:

    Pronounced: laek-shatuu?

    Being from NC, I'd almost guess "chat-toogie", but I think it's "shat-toozh." I'll have to get confirmation tomorrow.Originally posted by poorpoorpeter:

    Wow, beautiful. Is it part of a chain?

    Hey Peter! I'm not sure. Funny though, Smackass Gap is nearby. It actually comes up on Google maps.

  4. operainchicago

    it's French "lake Shat-ooz" is my guess.

  5. decodedthought

    :up: :up:

  6. i love fake deers 😀

  7. "chat-toogie" was my guess aas well, but I figured it was foreign of some sort so I kind of doubted it.

  8. operainchicago

    rule in french is if there is an accent mark over a vowel, in this case the "e" in chatuge, then the "e" is prounced. otherwise it is silent.

  9. operainchicago

    :sherlock: 'travels to South Carolina frequently' :yes:

  10. Though Lake Chatuge is in North Carolina, I have to travel frequently in South Carolina, where it seems like so many things end in "oochie", "hoochie", "coochie", or "ee". That made me think twice about how to say "Chatuge". I wanted to put some "oogie" in it.

  11. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    travels to South Carolina frequently

    I used to not like going there so much, but the absence of traffic and abundance of good food turned me around.In the summer I especially used to view Columbia as "yet another hot stinking Southern town", but now I find it comfortable and almost Bohemian in some areas, lol. It actually gets a brown pollution cloud over it on some hot summer days and gets gridlocked around 5PM. I'd a never thunk it! :lol:The worst pollution I can personally recall was when I lived in Phoenix, Arizona years ago. One morning the dirty "brown cap" over the city was so thick that it had a rainbow running through it. I think it was God's promise to kick some human ass for not caring for their earthly home.

  12. operainchicago

    i hate brown caps, unless it is a Cubs brown cap :up:

  13. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    Cubs brown cap

    I've long suspected that there's baseball mania going on over there. 😀

  14. operainchicago

    actually The Cubs suck and The White Sox are in 1st place in their division. For me football season is here :troll:

  15. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    For me football season is here

    As long as there's food and beer around, I can *pretend* to be interested in football. 😀 Actually, American football is about the only one I find slightly enjoyable. :up: Anybody into that crazy wrestling stuff? The ones who wear those huge gold belts? I've never understood the draw of that except that it's totally psycho. Now the even more insane Mexican "lucha libre" is coming on the TV here.

  16. operainchicago

    Ick! WWF is not something I watch ever. I prefer Iron Chef (in kitchen stadium) 😆

  17. IS there deers ? .. They came there to drink water ! Nice lake ..

  18. Originally posted by guharoysoumik86:

    IS there deers ?

    Yes there are. Sometimes they run directly in front of your car while you're driving!However, the deer in the picture above are not real. They are decoration.

  19. 😉 Let's eat some deer meat! (IMHO, it's not that bad. Ever have deer summer sausage?)

  20. Never had it. I've been curious about it, but when it comes to meat in general, I can barely tolerate it. I'm no vegetarian, but every time I eat meat, I envision slaughterhouses. I can still put down the occasional New York Strip, however.Deer, maybe if I tried it once, I'd like it.Seafood, I'm 100% good with that. I feel like they were born to be eaten.

  21. Now you got me thinking of slaughter houses. :yikes: :yuck: To be honest, it's been 4+ years since I had deer meat. I don't eat meat all that often either.

  22. venison is better than beef. much lower in cholesterol :up:

  23. Some types of meat that give me the willies:–most hot dogs–scrapple–liver pudding, AKA livermush–many types of sausageLinks: think I could more easily eat the flesh off a corpse. :yuck:

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