whoa big boy iguana

We love a good iguana. :heart: :up:

They love to hang out on ancient Mayan buildings and soak up the sun.

Click image to see more.

Majestic Iguana

18 responses to “whoa big boy iguana

  1. Ooh, beauty! Good shot, too. :yes:

  2. my dogs name is big boy 🙂

  3. operainchicago

    I know you won't believe this but Pat and the kids had a pet Iguana who had the run of the sun porch in the summer. not sure what happened to the critter?

  4. operainchicago

    your dog?

  5. Hmmmm great!! Hope you and Brian are enjoying.

  6. yea my dogs name is big boy lol

  7. operainchicago

    but what does that have to do with Iguanas?

  8. yay 😀

  9. aboslutely nothing 😛

  10. woof!

  11. operainchicago

    OMG! i'm a dork. "big boy" Iguana. gonna go hide now.

  12. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    gonna go hide now

    I frequently feel the need to hide, too. It's just normal.

  13. I just made comment on Brian's Blog! 😀

  14. Hehe! I find his blog in menu your friend blog! :ninja:

  15. Originally posted by cuongcodo:

    I just made comment on Brian's Blog!

    You're super! :up:

  16. decodedthought

    nice :up:

  17. Great! :up: But You know what iguana thinking about? 🙂

  18. It thinks "Am I handsome????":D

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