giant sweet cocktail

Sometimes I like to play with the pretty Midori web browser. It has a simple and cute interface.

Other times I like to interface with a giant Midori cocktail. It was a hot day today, and I mowed the yard and got all sweaty. I'm mostly into beers and lagers, but that pretty green liqueur was calling out to me, so I went to the liquor store and got me a bittle lottle (little bottle). So sweet and refreshing! 😎 The bottle even had a little recipe booklet on it. How thoughtful.

Maybe I should mow more often.

Midori is yet another beverage that mixes well with Linux. :up: :beer:

8 responses to “giant sweet cocktail

  1. JoshuaPhelps


  2. Originally posted by XxTatteredXSoulXx:

    If you're going to be slurping it down, I'll get the larger bottle next time. :drunk: 😀

  3. Hey now, I'll be generous and leave you half of the bottle. 😀

  4. Personal sized??

  5. Originally posted by BryanCox:

    Personal sized??

    Perfect! :up:

  6. Nice. I hadn't heard of the browser, thanks for giving me "SOMETHING ELSE" to check out.And any beverage goes with Linux. I like Mikes Hard Lemonade lol.

  7. Originally posted by elcaminojoe:

    thanks for giving me "SOMETHING ELSE" to check out

    I know exactly what you mean. I always gotta try things. The Midori browser ain't all that, but it's ODD (as in not one of the major ones), so that makes it appeal to me some.If you want to get really weird, there's the Dillo browser: will barf on some pages, but it's fun anyway. Originally posted by elcaminojoe:

    And any beverage goes with Linux. I like Mikes Hard Lemonade lol

    I used to think that the operating systems had these relationships:Mac: wine.Windows: tequila or even weed.Linux: beer.Now Linux can be so smooth that I think anything goes with it. If you want it rough and wild, there are certain distros that will give it to you.

  8. Oh, you need to heat it? :DAccording to your assumed os/beverage relationships I'm a wine drinker. I can live with that :wine:

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