still mowing with lektricity

That cheap electric lawn mower I bought last year is still working fine. Very little noise and no fumes! :up: No gas, no oil, no problem. 🙂

Today was the first mow of the season.

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Image #1: Trying to make the little thing look tough.

Image #2: It's quiet and does a good job on a small yard.

Image #3: The dead man's switch. Gasoline mowers also have a variant of these. It's one of the best safety features to ever come along. If you don't actively hold it, it shuts off. Very handy if you cut your toes off or fall over dead. Hopefully the blade stops before you lose a foot. 😀

9 responses to “still mowing with lektricity

  1. That's a tough mower! :up:

  2. Just did mine last weekend. I've got an electric one too…Black and Decker. My second one in thirteen years which is a surprise really. With this one, I've learned to take off the plastic top and use the blower all over the motor every month to clean it off. When I first did that with the old one, I couldn't believe how thick the dirt and grass was inside. But it was too late for that one. All that caked up grass and dirt can't be good.

  3. 😀 Will do!!!!! You go try that blower! 😀 bahahahaha

  4. Now I just need an electric string trimmer that is of decent quality, but almost none of them are. The tough ones are all 2-cycle gasoline, and they emit such choking fumes.Actually Josh, you just need to come over and mow my yard. 😆 I'm going to try the blower thing on the motor later.

  5. Originally posted by XxTatteredXSoulXx:

    You go try that blower!

    I just don't know all that much about blowing. :p

  6. Originally posted by XxTatteredXSoulXx:

    That's reserved for private use!

    I password protect things like that.. 😉

  7. Sucking?! That's reserved for private use! 😛

  8. That way it's hard to hack, and you can fire it up anytime ya' want! Hahahaha

  9. operainchicago

    we need ours cut big time! Hoping Pat does it while I'm at class tonight :up:

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