rare snowfall here

It's 3 AM and there is a good snowfall in progress. A good snow is a little rare here. It looks almost like daytime outside due to the city lighting getting reflected around. It's perfectly quiet out. Tomorrow will be a good time for sipping a coffee, or a beer later, while enjoying the view from the windows and doing some net chat. The net will hopefully not slow down too much from everybody being cooped up inside.

When I was little, it would take a long time to get a dial tone on the phone during weather like this because everybody would be on the phone talking about the weather. Now, everything just works.

The snow is only about half done from what is seen in the picture. It is supposed to continue for another twelve hours from now.

8 responses to “rare snowfall here

  1. Good time for skiing! :psmurf:

  2. :pingu: :pingu: :pingu: :pingu:

  3. I like it :yes: flurries here at the moment.

  4. I have six inches of snow! Wait, I think it is more by now. Yay me!

  5. That is amazing how light it looks!

  6. Amazing Dave, you remember the first snow this winter?Same days as with us in The Hague.Well, it's back again here too since this morning and there is more to come next 24 hours.But I was born in Springtime and looking forward for just that!But those footprints are very nice. Time for coffee :coffee:

  7. eeek snow! quick send some over. We need it for the olympics. things look v. brown on the hills!

  8. All these pictures are beautiful and wonderful … 🙂

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