just a couple of boys catting around moscow

Bush driving Putin's classic 1956 Volga in Moscow in 2005. The car is a real beauty. As for the occupants, oh well.

It's about the only picture of GWB that doesn't make me hurt to look at it, mainly because of the nice car. So, where'd they go in it? Out for burgers and fries?

16 responses to “just a couple of boys catting around moscow

  1. 😆

  2. On the other hand, it makes me think of a real-life political cartoon.

  3. :yes:

  4. I think even Donald Duck can drive this car.Look at that grill and bumper, beautiful. 😆 :jester:

  5. In my childhood i had a ride on such a Volga. 😀 Oldskool!! 😎

  6. This photo was shot during the driving session. Well, do you believe that you are able to find a photo for this car after this session?!!I don't think so, even a car, G.W. Bush will not able to lead it as a good driver.However, it is a funny photo.

  7. I wonder if it still works. I mean not only after Bush's try but even before)

  8. Beauty Car

  9. Originally posted by DaVinci21:

    just like cuba

    Really… Why?

  10. Yup, you are right, quite a gorgeous car. Also, drives like a tank 😉

  11. not burgers..but borscht soup!

  12. Originally posted by DaVinci21:

    because russians left them old cars from russia…

    🙄 :yes: I suppose you hardly could find just a single similar car on the Moscow streets today. Maybe with Putin's one exception… 😀 Consequently following this way of comparison Moscow doesn't remind Havana AT ALL. Unlike Havana it isn't full of old russian cars :p

  13. Originally posted by DaVinci21:

    and russians have very good cars nowadays. Better than many in europe.

    To be more correct – exactly THE SAME like in Europe. :sherlock:

  14. I've had many a ride in a Lada, but never had the chance in a Volga. I rode all night across half of Cuba in one the last time. It was of fairly recent vintage, I guess. It looked good. Shifting gears a little, I was almost born in one of these, a 1959 Ford Galaxie 500. I later ended up learning how to drive in that same car. I loved it and was sad when my dad sold it.

  15. Originally posted by DaVinci21:

    they are compassioned to be modern

    Nitpick: you probably mean 'compelled'.That said, Asians have a similar attitude: their consumer electronics have to look as complex as possible, with lots of buttons, indicators and functions. Asian cars look like spaceships on the inside, and typical Japanese have trouble using their cellphones properly.

  16. Originally posted by DaVinci21:

    and the oil and carburant in russia is good and cheap

    Most of the time it's true. But somehow (what a trick!) the cost rises up for some periods. But notwithstanding I tell you the same – the cars are THE SAME like in Europe :cheers:Although sometimes some people like experimenting on their own. One guy, I knew him, had one relatively new and fresh Volga with many, I think, even luxurious "gears" hidden inside. Super sound system with four amplifiers, for example 😀 . But not only.I don't know if he created it himself or it was special model/order. But the passion was Volga and extra additional elements not usual for Volga.

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