final snow pics

It's been great staying close to home while this lovely snow came down over the weekend. I read, watched a couple of movies, and played with the computers a lot.

The entire pic set is here on flickr

Image #1: Evil crow. They'll eat your baby's eyes out.

Evil Crow

Image #2: Just a few months ago we were in the deserts of Nevada in this trailer.

Snow Covered Lola

Image #3: Groovy!

Pickup Resting Comfortably

Image #4: snow-covered gazing ball.

Snow-Covered Gazing Ball

Image #5: Rafael, our spitting gargoyle. He's kind of sexy.

Rafael in the Snow

Image #6: suet feeder.

Suet Feeder

8 responses to “final snow pics

  1. Evil crow. They'll eat your baby's eyes out.

    💡 That's why he is so …. eeee …. FAT!P.S. And with fake eye… 🙄 Or maybe it's so blooded because of high blood pressure which in turn originates from permanent eating? 😀 :wine: Or maybe he drinks blood of babies too… :devil:

  2. I think all your reasons for the red eye are good ones. Overeating, drinking alcohol, age, inactivity, heredity, drinking blood, eating baby eyes, all these can bring on high blood pressure, though sometimes high blood pressure gives no symptoms at all, so it's called the silent killer. :worried: The red evil eye may have also been due to the Gimp. I'm not sure. :whistle:

  3. I like picture #5 the best 🙂

  4. Originally posted by slackwrdave:

    The red evil eye may have also been due to the Gimp

    💡 New approach to healthcare – GIMP THERAPY (sit-and-draw)! :cheers: No silent killer at all)If on the … :alien: crooooooooow … it deserves to be the illustration of Poe I think :bug:

  5. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    I like picture #5 the best

    My mom hates that thing. I should place a circle of dead birds around it next time I have her over for a cookout. 😀 She'd probably just say, "I don't wanna know."Originally posted by igor-michigan:

    GIMP THERAPY (sit-and-draw)!

    Good idea. Much more healthy than many other passtimes.

  6. Originally posted by DaVinci21:

    dont you see that picture right in your blog in my msg? i am trying copy and paste with mobil.

    The link pasted, but not the image itself. I always enjoy your pics.

  7. Love the snow photos Dave. The gazing ball reminds me of Jack in the Box. 😆

  8. Okay, I loved the evil crow! Are there any witches nearby? Maybe it's somebody's familiar.Your trailer is very cool, snow on it or not.Were I to peer into your gazing ball, I get the feeling I would see a vision of hell freezing over. :DBTW Why put away the lawn furniture during the winter season? You'll just have to get it out again. 😆

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