cuckoo clock

We done gone cuckoo. It cuckoos the hour and once on the half hour. It's from Germany the owner says. It keeps so-so time and must be wound every 24 hours by moving the weights back up.

10 responses to “cuckoo clock

  1. nice! How much you pay for it?

  2. :up: :up: :up:

  3. Originally posted by operainchicago:

    How much you pay for it?

    It remains in the hands of those who own it. We're just visiting. I think they paid $16 for it years ago at a flea market, but have since spent several times more than that to keep it working.

  4. looks really nice 🙂

  5. My grandmother used to have one when I was a little kid. Don't know what happened to it; I think they gave it away at some point. Too bad, it was such a fun piece of machinery. Useful, too: it chimed once every 15 minutes, and the cuckoo announced every hour. Made it much more difficult to miss meetings and such.

  6. Very nice. Originally posted by claudeb:

    My grandmother used to have one when I was a little kid.

    I can still hear that cuckoo those nights I stayed with my grandparents and could't get asleep. I didn't feel so alone then.

  7. I know what you mean, Jan. When I moved in with my working parents (at the beautiful age of 5), I developed a full-blown psychosis. Took years to shake down my fear of empty houses. Grandparents are priceless.

  8. I think the sound would drive me crazy too. I had a clock at my old house that had a pretty sounding chime to it. Sometimes I didn't notice it but, if I was standing right next to it, I'd jump when it would start chiming. It ran on batteries and you could always tell when the batteries were running low because it started sounding like Chinese music.

  9. I inherited one from my grandparent's. I thought it would be a good memory of my visits to their house. It lasted two days, before I took it down. That incessant cuckoo was going to drive me insane. That bird never slept!!!!!

  10. beautiful clock I would love to have such a great piece

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