old photos and mowing lawns

My aversion to hard outdoor work goes waaayyyy back as evidenced by this old photo. The leaves will stay unraked on the lawn this winter unless someone stops by and offers to rake them for cheap.

This is a childhood photo that foreshadows my aversion to mowing lawns, though I loved that little plastic lawnmower. It's not that bad, actually. I've cut a lot of grass over the years.

6 responses to “old photos and mowing lawns

  1. 😆 Oh lordy! Here comes a prune! I don't ever remember being served Brussels sprouts or prunes in grade school. I love 'em too. I bought a bag of frozen ones with a bunch of smaller individual servings in little bags that you can steam in the microwave.

  2. 😆 Love your expression! My kids made that look whenever I tried to get them to eat brussel sprouts.

  3. Originally posted by PainterWoman:

    I tried to get them to eat brussel sprouts.

    I love 'em. I have 2 bags of them in the freezer. Yummy! Bad thing is that they cause gas, *LOTS* of gas. :devil: I still can't believe that the cafeteria frequently served Brussels sprouts when I was in elementary school. That's no kind of food for kids. They also served stewed prunes. They should have known better. Those things got fired around the lunchroom like bullets.

  4. One of these days I really will slab both lawns so I can have a rest on Sunday afternoons in the summer

  5. What a lovely pic.Brussel Sprouts, you eat them? As a child I hated my mother for that.But I'm older now, love them now 😀 as long as I don't have to peel them.With mashed potatoes. My wife and daughter love them too, they do the peeling.Hope your lawn will survive. :furious:

  6. cute,very cute

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