overnight at another truckstop

Continuing east on the journey home from burningman, we are overnighting (boondocking in RV lingo) at another Pilot travel center in Missouri. Just 980 more miles to go. Sometimes we use the trucker
showers at these places. They are nicer then you would think with locking doors and a tiny private room. More about life on the road later.

8 responses to “overnight at another truckstop

  1. No stop in or near Chicago?

  2. I wish we could have, but Mt Vernon was as close as we got this afternoon.

  3. Looking forward to pics and stories from Burningman

  4. Over here those stops are downright dangerous, for robbery and a communing place for prostitutes as well.Everybody needs a little warmth, right? :left:Anxiously awaiting the pictures, but have a good rest first, don't forget the lawn mowing and the bird feeders 😉

  5. Bird feeders and baths = TCO! (Taken Care Of)Yes true about the truckstops, but we try to seek the ones with cameras and strong lighting, and park near both, preferably directly in the front.Also, Wal-Mart, though I'm not much for shopping there, has an unwritten policy of allowing RV'ers to overnight in the parking lots *if* it's a 24-hour supercenter location. They have good lighting and lots of cameras.So far I've not spotted the prostitutes at the truckstops, but they may all have had a job in progress each time we were there.I've actually heard that trailer theft from truckers is a big problem. They go inside for a minute and return to find the trailer gone. I've heard that trucks traveling with expensive goods will actually travel under escort and sometimes have dummy rigs traveling similar routes.

  6. that some fuckin cheap gas!

  7. Originally posted by GuiltyGear:

    that some fuckin cheap gas!

    Not bad for this trip. The lowest we paid for unleaded was $2.16/gallon, in Kentucky, I think. The highest was $3.03 way out in the desert in Nevada.When there's a danger of running out, any price is a good one.

  8. wow 2 16 here in LA its like freakin 3 10-30

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