honey, we are home

The rig is back in the driveway after our approx. 5000 mile (8000+ km) odyssey. The space shuttle (the trailer) has been "undocked" the the unloading begins. Our trips through the jungles of Mexico were a piece of cake compared to this little sortie. I'm not sure when we will take such a major trip again. I guess when the bug bites, we have the money and time off, and Jupiter aligns with Mars.

Image #1: Though we only have a little house and don't own anything truly expensive, I had motion sensor cameras watching the driveway and the inside of the house so that if we were robbed, there might be a chance of seeing who did it. One camera caught us backing the trailer into the driveway. Techno spiffy huh!

Image #2: Reedplayernc rooting around inside the mighty house-on-wheels that was our home for nearly three weeks.

Image #3: The bed of the pickup still packed with stuff.

Image #4: It's hard to see the thousands of dead bugs and dirt all over the truck. Aside from nearly overheating it twice while pulling steep grades in the deserts of Nevada, it gave no problems…..well, not yet.

8 responses to “honey, we are home

  1. 😆 Love the title.Glad you're back. Sounds like you saw lots of places and can't wait to see more pics. I've often thought of doing something like this but going alone wouldn't be my cup of tea. I'd have to either learn to shoot or get a German Shepard for protection. My blind Keeshond and little Min Pin wouldn't help although the little one always lets me know when someone's coming to the house.

  2. Welcome back gentleman 🙂

  3. Glad to hear you had a good trip.Didn't notice it before, but the space shuttle's got propane tanks at the back! 😛

  4. 3 weeks on the road in that?!:faint: – but then again, I'm kind of a Kimpton-Hotels kind of traveller. Just don't ask what I'm doing at the Wyndham Garden Hotel in Atlanta….

  5. Originally posted by hungryghost:

    3 weeks on the road in that?!

    Ain't no hotels whar we went. 😀 Originally posted by hungryghost:

    Wyndham Garden Hotel in Atlanta

    My company won't pay for those. 😦 It's rare when I even stay in a Comfort Inn.But actually the trailer is very comfy for vacations.

  6. So just where does your company put you?!:eyes:

  7. Originally posted by hungryghost:

    So just where does your company put you?

    Between a rock and a hard place, mostly.

  8. hmmmm, potentially better than between an abyss and a ravine….

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