change of scenery

Enjoying everything a lot.

24 responses to “change of scenery

  1. :spock: hi there Earthian.

  2. Time for the much awaited roadtrip huh!

  3. That view looks mighty familiar.

  4. 😎 pics

  5. Just to the west of us is where a lot of secret stuff goes on. The Manhattan Project was done here. No one is allowed near and there are mysterious vehicles patrolling around. We camped roadside for a night and could see many meteors due to lack of light pollution. The silence was amazing though in the nearby town they were talking about a severe nighttime sonic boom.

  6. Nice pictures. Finally on your way, eh?Have a great time.

  7. You guys left already?

  8. I just lost $40 in the casino after going up and down for awhile. I'm a lightweight anyway. I budgeted up to $100 for the slots but decided to save some of it. I love the atmosphere in these places in Nevada.

  9. Don't wast your money on the bandits. Buy OPERA shares;) 20% down on excellent 2Q results but too honest and the marked took it as a profit warning. I don,t think it was that. There will be a return on this share price. I guess, hehe. Doesn't matter for me right now. But irritating.Have you swept the house wagon in silk? And do you think of CO2 and global warming, running such a car? Just kidding.

  10. you are cool david (the second pic) it reminds me of my iran travelling

  11. Road Trip! Pass the cheetos!!:D 😀

  12. Your trailer looks somewhat like a space shuttle!

  13. I was hoping to see more of BurningMan Festival. I think you've haven't had wi-fi hunts to post!

  14. We are in route home at this very moment. Right now am in Nebraska heading east. Have tons of pics to upload when at home. Wifi was too much trouble to find and there was none at the burningman festival anyway, so I decided to see if I could live net free. I'm ok I guess, lol. I sent this message from a rest area on I-80 using opera mini.

  15. Okay! An advance "WelCome Home" Will talk to you soon. I'm ready to hear about your adventure and fun!!

  16. This roaming internet is soooo slowww.

  17. A severe storm has us stopped tonight at a truckstop in North Platte, Nebraska. We are sitting in the trailer drinking cans of cold beer left over in the cooler from burningman. We will spend the night here and leave in the morning. The truckstop is creepy. We prefer the Pilot truckstops but tonight had to settle for a TA. The truckstop is packed with RV's. All refugees from burningman.

  18. Have a safe trip home and don't lose those pictures.

  19. Be careful, oh and don't waste money on Roaming Internet if it is slow.Good Luck

  20. 5 days of driving and we are home. Whew! Exhausted.

  21. You can rest now :cheers:

  22. Well rest and tell me what have you bought for me!

  23. Originally posted by ManiDhillon:

    Well rest and tell me what have you bought for me!

    You are deserving of the best presents the world has to offer. 😉 😀

  24. My God! Thanks for your kind words David, they are more than a gift.

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