fixins for a mater sammitch

Fixins for a mater sammitch = ingredients for a tomato sandwich.

My tomato connection came through with a few more, so tomorrow will be "mater sammitch" day x 2.

As mentioned in this post, here is the recipe for the perfect sandwich:

  • Gushingly juicy red ripe tomato. Thin skinned and delicate.
  • WHITE bread. Has to be white. Whole wheat sux with tomatoes.
  • Duke's Mayonnaise. Kraft brand is ok if you can't get this one. NO store brands or Miracle Whip. :yuck:
  • Pinch of salt and pepper.

Image is clickable for greater detail.

Tomatoes and Mayo

6 responses to “fixins for a mater sammitch

  1. Originally posted by ellinidata:

    * she reaches the screen and snatches both! *


  2. * she reaches the screen and snatches both! * :p

  3. hahaha, every time you are giving me a closer shot! :pyou know can even eat the sandwich for you ! 😆

  4. The "tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cream cheese" sound yummy. :up:

  5. Have never had just a sammich with tomatoes but I made one with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cream cheese to keep the veggie slices from falling out and a little pesto sauce on crusty french bread. I'm sure we don't have Duke Mayo but Kraft Real Mayo is what I use. Tried Mircale Whip once when it was on sale. Never again. Oh, and have you ever tried a tater sammich? Just slices boiled or baked potato with salt and pepper on buttered white bread? A very cheap meal when you got nothing else in the fridge.

  6. Miracle Whip Rules!

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