lucy on the 4th of july

Lucy, like all of us, being a slob on a lazy lovely Fourth of July.

Pic taken with the netbook webcam

Lucy on the 4th of July

7 responses to “lucy on the 4th of july

  1. Yup, kinda what my two did as well. We didn't have to many fireworks in my neighborhood last night. But it was just enough to get both of them at my feet under the computer desk.

  2. :doh: that Lucy! wow she is taking it easy! and she is a beauty!I thought you were posting on another Lucy! :lol:sometimes the "I Love Lucy" runs all day long on TVLand on the 4th of July!! :lol:Thanks for sharing ! :heart:

  3. She was, in fact, named for our favorite TV show, "I Love Lucy."She's our second adoptee from the county shelter. We love our generic "brand x" dogs. 😆 She's a little mental, but very tolerable.

  4. wake up "Lucy", have a lot of things are waiting for you. Dont so lazy 🙂

  5. She likes you, transi.

  6. 😀 . wake up and continues sleep

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