mystery face signs in greensboro

I started noticing these last month in two places around town so far. In both places they are in series and span about two blocks. I parked today, took a walk with the camera, and got this set. What could they mean? Fertile ground for a conspiracy, or maybe just some freak-o advance advertising for something that will come later.

Here they are all on one side of the street. This is the entire series in order heading south to north. I think since last month two have been taken, but this is what remains.

Mystery Face Signs

Mystery Face Signs

Mystery Face Signs

Mystery Face Signs

Mystery Face Signs

Mystery Face Signs

Mystery Face Signs

Mystery Face Signs

Mystery Face Signs

17 responses to “mystery face signs in greensboro

  1. Originally posted by ellinidata:

    we have the sneakers on the electric wires

    A classic! I always wonder why though.

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm :sherlock: :sherlock: :sherlock: interesting! they are very carefully attached and each one it's different!I wonder if the emphasis on the nose has anything to do with "sniffing!"

  3. the shoes on the wires it's a signal that drugs can be purchased in that area….when I first came to NYC from Greece I thought it was some kind of a tradition ,like the one when we hang shoes behind a car of the newly weds! ROFL :p

  4. in NYC we have the sneakers on the electric wires in specific areas…

  5. Is there a college nearby? If so, could be something the newbie frat boys have to do? In two of them, they didn't get the nails in all the way. Maybe they were interrupted? Here, if a policeman catches you, you get a city citation for defacing property. People had to stop putting their 'yard sale' signs up…..with their addresses. Don't know what the fine is.

  6. In the 90's in England elegal raves were big. And to stop police finding venu out you had to ring a number, which said the area, then few hours later you were told smaller area and so on (great fun). But near the venue signs like these would be put up so you knew you were still on track

  7. I could go for a rave. :up: I find the music fun and exciting.

  8. igor-michigan

    Maybe just some guys sit concealed somewhere near and some weeks later some photos of faces looking to blocks with wonderfull expression will be presented during some humor show on TV? :jester:

  9. hmmmm…time to put on my slueth hat on…

  10. There is a giant empty warehouse near these signs. Rave venue? I wanna go!

  11. my god this chick is hot :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:there i fixed itand yes,yes i think you would

  12. "The URL contained a malformed video ID" – per youtube. I even took off the "heart" that got stuck at the end of the URL. Still no go.Am I going to interested in a hot chick?

  13. yeah!

  14. imjustafriend

    Yes, that's a nice song GuiltyGear;)Have you heared this?, why did't my come up as a link;( ? Change: IT DID!Its a Norwegian singer with Lena Marlin, quit a good respond from many countries. This one is from some years ago.

  15. how about this one,its a classic

  16. imjustafriend

    It's night her in Norway and the rain is still falling as it has done for some day after tropical weather for a fortnight.This is my very favorite. Love, happieness and rain. Gene Kelly! To you following slackwrdave around the world~~.

  17. The martians are comming!

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