if you are drunk – eat somewhere else

Reedplayernc posing beside a sign at a favorite local burger joint. It's in a rough part of town, hence the sign.

The place is called "Beef Burger", but was originally a "Biff Burger", until that chain vanished many years ago. The owner, Ralph Havis, has done a great job at keeping it going for many decades. This Biff can be seen in the movie Bull Durham.

Eat Somewhere Else -- 7/2/09

Beef Burger

Beef Burger

6 responses to “if you are drunk – eat somewhere else

  1. Quite honestly, I thought drunk people made for business. (They are usually too drunk to count change. :))

  2. The crowd that hangs out here has no money. I feel "loaded" just walking in there with a 20.

  3. igor-michigan

    I firmly knew … I should have had a suspicion that this Greensboro is rather poor place :yes: …The truth unveiled.

  4. It comes and goes, and YMMV (your mileage may vary). There is this perception that anything in the southeast is poor and broke. I lived in Arizona for awhile, and when people found out I was from North Carolina, they'd say something like, "oh, it must be horrible to make a living there". Actually, I found it to be much worse in Arizona.A job advert in Arizona that summed it up for me went like this:"911 operators needed. You must type 70 words per minute and be tri-lingual, English-Spanish-Vietnamese. Starting pay $5.50 per hour."Hell, I won't even speak English for $5.50. 😆

  5. igor-michigan

    Nice ad of Arizona too…By the way I'm just kidding cos never felt "just walking in there with a 20" and "loaded" at the same time.Maybe at school only…

  6. One time I walked in there with $400. Don't tell anybody. :no: Probably the drug dealers come in with much more.

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