billy mays

He has passed away. Mr. OxiClean done gone away. I don't wish misfortune on anyone, but… know. The mute button on my TV remote was always nearby due to him.

yahoo news link

At least Ron Popeil can speak normally. His commercials I can actually stand.

9 responses to “billy mays

  1. I heard too that Mr. Mays was on the US Airways flight that landed very heavily (and blew some tires, the plane that is) the day before….coincidence? :eyes:

  2. I think he said he got hit in the head with something, but supposedly it was so minor that he wasn't concerned.

  3. fck i heard about him when he died,damn now vince is going to take over(the guy from sham-wow)

  4. Turned out he had a heart condition he never knew about it. Too bad. He was too young and seemed to like what he did. But yeah, I had to hit the mute button too.

  5. The only one I truly love is Eric Violette, AKA the guy. *sigh* :heart: :heart: Not a company you'd want to do business with though.

  6. Is he the guy that does all those funny songs? Love those! I'll bet they're not free though. I've clicked on a couple of those free credit report things. They always ask for your credit card number. ????

  7. i never did

  8. Horrible reports on the company are all over the Internet. I think you get one free report if you sign up for the monitoring service. I hear that avoiding or stopping charges is nearly impossible.The real free credit report site is:https://www.annualcreditreport.comYep, Eric's the man! I like his outfit in the renaissance fair the best. Those green hose and the huge black boots are funny.This is all coming from someone (me) who actually liked the hoo-hoo hoo-hoo-hoo of the old Vonage commercials.On the other hand, I'll never buy any insurance from the duck or the lizard.

  9. lol

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