fanta orange in arabic

Is it Arabic? A pic of me, mid-1980's, in an undisclosed location. 😀 I got around pretty good.

Fanta Orange in Arabic?

3 responses to “fanta orange in arabic

  1. English and Spanish, I can do A-OK. Places that speak any Romance or Germanic language, I can at least pick out a root word and make out street signs, etc. Things written in Cyrillic, Arabic, and others, I sometimes had to hold up a guidebook and match shapes to have any idea of where I was. It's a strange feeling.I hung out with a French citizen one night at a club who spoke only French and Portuguese. I was speaking only English and Spanish. Somehow we made it. :up: Thanks for the confirmation on the Arabic.

  2. hmmmmmmmmmmm yes, it is! and it reminds me downtown Cairo….:D

  3. undisclosed location………… 😀

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