halloween 1984

Continuing to scan some old prints, I came across this one of me getting ready for Halloween night in the Orwellian year of 1984. I had my makeup on early, the costume I put on later. I used to take the wildness of Halloween night so seriously. Now I just kind of half-ass it.

I think this may turn into photo documentation of a life in shambles. 😮 :yikes: 😀

Halloween 1984

6 responses to “halloween 1984

  1. Kinda spooky. Your makeup fits the shadows of the early evening.

  2. :yikes:

  3. doesn't it look like a wolverine style? a prophet!

  4. haha!! great, I love it!

  5. Wow! Very Steve Strange! xx

  6. I must do it again someday, though with the weight of a few more years on my face. Then again, if Eva and Zsa-Zsa held it together, maybe I can, too.You all are too kind.

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