old scanned prints-o-mine

Here are a couple of old blurry prints that have always been faves.

Images are clickable for greater detail. Select "all sizes" upon landing on the flickr page.

Image #1: A young thin me, probably 1975, somewhere in California.

Young Thin David

Image #2: Early 1980's. A friend of mine, Adolfo, from Guadalajara, Mexico with his 80's big hair. We were shopping in San Pedro Tlaquepaque, and he got tired and had to sit for a minute.

Yawning Mexican

18 responses to “old scanned prints-o-mine

  1. :heart:I love the pictures of the 70's! now the 80's were a weird time for hair and clothes!the music always is still enjoyable! *dances to the 80's * :sing: :sing:

  2. lol if had a black dress up shirt on you would have looked bettr than an ugly back and yellow stripe polo

  3. Those were called Rugby shirts back then. As for most instant teen fashion, everybody thought they looked OK at the time, but you see it years later and it causes the shudders.Polos were a different cut and thickness than the Rugbys, and the collar was different, plus they didn't come in the bumblebee yellow and black like I had on.There was also the Chemise Lacoste, usually just known as the Lacoste, or Alligator shirt, that is virtually unchanged to this day except for the wider color selection.

  4. …i know about lacoste,well then still i stand to the point of you wearing the black shirt:sing: i clooooose my eeeeeyes only for a moment and moments gone,all my dreeeeams flash before my eyes in curosity…

  5. Screw your black shirt. :p

  6. Lookin' good!Love the underlined nose. Wait, is that a moustache? 😀

  7. Originally posted by Shaunak:

    Wait, is that a moustache?

    Yep! Virginal.

  8. awww you look like s cute nerdy virgin,aaaawwww

  9. Originally posted by GuiltyGear:

    cute nerdy virgin

    Almost precisely the type that is still my fave to this day. At least the "cute nerdy" part.

  10. lmdooooo look at him people,he lost it,hes a man now,lol

  11. Be nice if you started making a little sense.

  12. your not worth the effort 😎 nah im just kidding lmao,good comeback huh?

  13. be nice if you understood the joke….and what!lol

  14. just show me the rolex

  15. not even worth the effort :p

  16. you phycoatic bastered,you truely are a friend :up:

  17. as i said i dont have a camera damit,rub it in why dont you…

  18. there. we just had our first fight lol. :flirt: hehehe :devil:

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