guadalajara, mexico, 1980’s memories

As a young guy, my first trip outside of the USA was to Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico in 1980. I went there that summer to try to learn Spanish. My first summer there was kind of a bust. I didn't really connect and kind of hated it. That changed in a big way. I ended going back there many many times during the 80's, and after that, I branched out all over Mexico.

I'm thinking of doing some stories of the odd and unusual from there back then. Some of my experiences were a bit strange! 😆

A couple of groups or organizations I might post about are the "PSUM" and the "GOHL". It might be fun to take a guess at what these are until I can do the posts. 😀

Hmmm, which to do first?

5 responses to “guadalajara, mexico, 1980’s memories

  1. Ok, this is totally dorky but here goes.GOHL = Good Old Hellraising LinesPSUM = Plebian Society of Unruly Marketers OR Possums & Skunks Under the Mistletoe

  2. 😆

  3. Not bad, but the cigar will be awarded later. :DIn a similar mnemonic fashion, when people ask me what I do, I sometimes like to say that I am the "Boss In General of the Special High Intensity Training". The BIGSHIT.

  4. Creator and Researcher of Acronym Production

  5. :up: Still waiting to award the cigar.

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